A law firm was usually (traditionally) named after the partners who established it. Some of them still follow this strategy, but there is plenty of room when it comes to creativity because of the firms which keep entering the industry. Some of them are also named for their particular law area (the one in which they are specialized), or they only use phrases and words to get the possible client’s attention. Glago-2015-Screen-Res-1People always must be careful when choosing the right name for their firm as it has to have a meaning, make sense and sound appealing to the practice and clients.
A good way to call your business is using (doubling) the surname of a family especially if there’s a member of a family in that business). For example, if there are parents or brother and sister (siblings) or maybe wife and husband in it, the real name will be Brown and Brown. Let’s say that you’re now starting your business with a couple of partners and the right name would be the combination of everyone’s surname.
149839494Some surnames (as Jones and Smith) of e.g. two partners do not sound fascinating to the clients, and that’s why you should use other names (as Hoopendahl or Sugarman) which may be a better choice in this series of names. Speaking of using the names of partners of your firm, you must know that the partners must agree on everything because this may be a problem for them as one of the names has to be number one (listed as number one) and everyone wants that to be their name.
When you have a few names (more than one or two) in the firm’s name, the first two will often be used the most and that’s why they should be easy to remember(memorable), unusual, distinctive and original. One more thing that you are supposed to know is that you need to keep the name as short as possible. This means that you should try to limit your included names number because people will remember you in this way and it will help you a lot. Also, shorter names are always much easier to involve on some signs, emails, other addresses or business cards.
It is important that you do not use the names (surnames) which are not easy to spell or pronounce. These may not be the perfect choice for the name of your law firm as the clients may not know how to pronounce it quickly and have a problem with it. Make sure you also check the initials of the names when you use a combination of them.

Also, discuss any of these names with your partners because you have to get along with them and negotiate carefully when it comes to picking the right name. It is also crucial to include all your partners in this process and chose a name which everybody likes and is content with because you don’t want this to make you problems later in your business. Remember that including your specialty in the name would be a good choice too.